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Emergency Thanksgiving Save Net Neutrality Post

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone, I hope you are all in a food induced comatose state.

Hopefully you didn't have to interact too much with any racist trump loving relatives.

I momentarily interrupt the festivities to raise your awareness about An Issue that if we don't take action against will  AFFECT EVERYONE  regardless of race, financial background or political party.
Here is a great video put together by the people @WIRED that explains it all.

To my understanding the Greedy Corporations  (comcast, AT&T, verizon etc ) Sent people to the FCC and want to kill the Obama era net Neutrality regulations so they can profit even more. CORPORATE GREED!
 Internet Service Providers want to divide the type of traffic we have access to, they want us to pay more for the content we use the most for example video streaming (Netflix) or social media  ( Facebook,Twitter etc.) Making us pay for "packages" instead of a base monthly fee.

Ending net neutrality has many downsides …

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